Benjamin Borazzi

About Our President

PSM was founded by Benjamin Borazzi in 2010. The agency’s initial clientele were in the Legal and Mortgage industries. Over it’s decade + of year over year growth, the agency has earned the relationship of businesses and professionals in the Legal, Mortgage, Real Estate, Data, Dental, Health Care, and Manufacturing industries.

During his 20 years of Entrepreneurship and leadership, Benjamin Borazzi founded successful companies specializing in Branding on all Social Media Platforms. In addition to Marketing and Advertising services for clients on platforms such as Google Ads, Microsoft Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and Direct Mail. These Advertising agencies have generated half a million plus Leads for clients. 

Upon the success of the Advertising campaigns, Benjamin founded US based Call Centers to provide sales and customer care services. Upon the growth of the sales & support call centers, Benjamin founded processing centers to provide staffing and document processing services to clients. Professional Staffing and Marketing’s growing list of services assisted Law Firms and Mortgage companies in growing to unprecedented levels with evolving branding, advertising and sales services. 

The completion of the non-linear business model was the creation of the Reputation Aggregation services. This final step completed the Circle of Business Growth. The non-linear business model. Benjamin consolidated all of these vital business services under the umbrella of PSM. a one stop comprehensive service provider. 

The future of business in the 21st Century. Non Linear. Each service connected. Each just as important as the other. All working in harmony.