Comprehensive Business Solutions

Business in the 21st century is & will be non-linear. A cycle of key services dependent on the previous and the next.

About Our Agency

PSM was founded by our President, Benjamin Borazzi in 2010. The agency’s initial clientele were in the Legal and Mortgage industries. Over it’s decade of year over year growth, the agency has earned the relationship of businesses and professionals in the Real Estate, Dental, Import/Export, as well as Manufacturing industries. During his 20 years of Entrepreneurship and leadership, Benjamin founded successful companies specializing in Branding on all Social Media Platforms. Marketing and Advertising services for clients on platforms such as Google Ads, Microsoft Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and Direct Mail. These Advertising agencies have generated half a million plus Leads for clients. Upon the success of the Advertising campaigns, Benjamin founded Call Centers to provide sales and customer care services. Upon the growth of the sales & support call centers, Benjamin founded processing centers to provide staffing services to the Law Firms and Mortgage companies he helped grow to unprecedented levels with branding, advertising and sales management. The completion of the non-linear business model was the creation of the Reputation Aggregation services. This final step completed the Circle of Business Growth. The non-linear business model. Benjamin consolidated all of these vital business services under the umbrella of PSM. a one stop comprehensive service provider. the future of business in the 21st Century


Defining your company’s public identity. Derived from it’s services, employees and reputation.

Creation of a strong Web presence (social media profiles, optimized websites, aggregator sites, logos, and slogans)

Perfect placement of content on web presence. Generating organic attention. Attention from consumers and the target market is the fuel needed to generate a hot brand!

Determining the target audience that lead generation will market in.

Optimized Branding will allow your company to build relationships with your target audience, eventually turning them into loyal customers. 

The goal: to develop a brand that people genuinely care about.

Lead Generation

Generating new leads (prospects) is the lifeline of a business. 

To generate business revenue, a company must generate new leads. Generate new leads at an efficient and optimized rate in respect to your business’ final margins. 

It is imperative to generate leads that your sales departments can speak to immediately and prepare as candidates for your services. Prospects that will pay your company for your services. Every business owner understands and respects the importance of new business for the survival of thier business.  

With the Strong Brand already in place, your lead generation will have a step up on the competition.


Digital Lead Generation:  Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads. PSM possesses a decade of experience in Digital Lead Generation.

  • Creation of Ad campaigns on the Google Ads platform, the world’s largest most powerful and complex ad service. From Approval of your campaign by Google, to set up, to going Live. Monthly Management of Google Ads An absolutely necessary service to ensure your campaign budget is optimized to provide leads at the most effective and efficient rate and price. 80% of online lead generation is procured on Google Ads. 
  • Creation of Ad Campaigns on the Bing Ads Platform, the world’s second ad service. From Approval of your campaign by Bing, to set up, to going live. 
  • Creation of Ad Campaign on the Facebook Ads The world’s largest Social Media Ads platform. From Approval of your campaign by Facebook, to set up, to going Live. Monthly Management of Facebook Ads Campaigns. An absolutely necessary service to ensure your campaign budget is optimized to provide leads at the most effective and efficient rate and price.

Direct Mail Lead Generation: Procurement of Data specific to your target market. Data that will allow the direct mail campaign to target the correct prospects.

Preparation of mailing campaigns to correctly anticipate weather, and postage routes in marketing target areas. Cost analysis of Postage fees and routes (first class, drop shipping, standard mail). 

Design of Mailer Envelope to intrigue the recipient, enticing them to open your mailer piece and read it. The envelope MUST capture the attention of the recipient and spark interest. 

Design of Mailer Piece content to demonstrate your brand, your services, and why the individual should pick up the phone and call. The Strong Branding developed by the previous step will be essential in gaining the interest and respect of the prospect.


California based Sales Center with 12 years of inside-sales experience. 12 years of Year over Year Sales Growth.

SalesTeam trained to treat every prospect with respect and empathy.

Tactical Empathy, the most important sales tool for a salesperson. Allowing the prospect to tell thier story, explaining their needs, and allowing them to open up and demonstrate what services they need. Demonstrating Tactical Empathy (the intellectual understanding of the interest behind the position of the other side. not agreeing with them, but grasping and recognizing thier needs)

SalesTeam will be trained on the services of your company, the benefits for prospects to retain the services of your company. Customized sales campaign to best suit your company’s profit margins. 

The sales Team will be offering the services of a company with a strong established Brand, to prospects precisely procured by Lead Generation campaigns. 


Our Billing Department has over 12 years of experience in providing billing and payment processing services to professional, large firms, and sole practitioners.

Creation of Billing/Payment calendars for each and every client. Or for each service campaign. 

Weekly and/or monthly reminders for clients to ensure thier payments are made on time.

A successful Billing Strategy requires a balanced strategy of firm yet empathetic treatment of clients. Ensuring they continue thier relationship with your company, yet make thier due payments in a timely manner.

Client Payments via Direct Bank Deposit, Checks, ACH Processing, Wire, Zelle, PayPal, Square, any and all other payment processing methods your business enrolls in. 

The FinTech industry is constantly evolving. Our Billing department will ensure your company is kept up to date with the payment options your clients will have to pay for your company’s services. 

Your focus should be on the growth of your business. Not managing the month to month payment status of hundreds to thousands of clients. 

Our Billing service will ensure your accounts receivables are managed daily, weekly and monthly! 

Customer Service

Customer Retention will always be cheaper than customer acquisition. Current and repeat customers are more likely to spend more with your brand, 300% more to be exact. Resulting in your business spending ess on lead generation or operating costs. Or having more funds to invest in extra lead generation. Either way, Customer service is an extremely important element of a successful business. Our Customer Service department is one of the founding pillars of our Company.

Our Customer Service department proudly possesses over a decade of experience in providing our clients with top class customer service strategies. 

  • CRM Software Integration: all of your client pipelines and data will be continuously input and updated in a secure Customer Relationship Management site. You and your business staff will have 24/7/365 access. Our customer service staff will keep each client file updated in the crm. The CRM is accessible anywhere in the world. Documents can be uploaded to each of your client’s files. 
  • Daily, or weekly, or monthly client updates. Customized  per your request and business requirements. Our Customer Service team will provide your clients with detailed service updates. Ensuring they are fully satisfied with your business’ services. Ensuring they continue to employ your company’s services. Ensuring they trust your brand. Ensuring they become lifelong clients of your business. A business will not experience year over year growth unless client retention is held paramount. 
  • Our Customer Service department will work in direct communication with our Billing Department to ensure your clientele are on time with payments. Any request for delayed payment will be agreed and approved by you, the Business Owner and the Customer Service team. 
  • Our Customer Service team are routinely trained in treating your clients with Empathy and class. Mindful of the services being performed by your company. Mindful of the payment agreements signed by your clients and your business.Mindful of how important the reputation of your business is to it’s brand. 

Document Processing

In collaboration with our Customer Service department, the Document Processing department plays a vital role in your business achieving the successful results your clients entrust your business in achieving.

Our Document Processing department is composed of seasoned professionals. Experienced in the Financial, Mortgage, Legal, Real Estate, Medical, and Debt industries. 

Providing services for clients such as: Requesting, Receiving, Processing, Uploading documents to CRM. Ensuring all required documents have been provided by your clients.Motivating your clients to provide the full list of required documentation. Detecting and correcting errors in the documentation provided. Filing documents with the required State or Federal Courts or Agencies. Filing documents with the required Banking or Lending Institutions. securely storing documents, as well as retrieving archived material per request. 

Reputation Management

Our Goal is to forge a strong lifelong relationship between your business and your clients. The current world is one of billions of daily social interactions. Your business must build a strong reputation on every social platform it can build upon. To build a strong Brand that your clients will trust and respect, reputation development action is paramount.

Our Reputation Management team will be deployed as soon as the Customer Service and Document Processing Departments tag a client file in the CRM as resolution ready. The moment your business provides your client with a successful result, the reputation action team will be in contact with the client to assist them in writing personal positive reviews on all the important Branding sites on Social Media. From Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, Better Business Bureau, BirdEye, Trustlink, RevDex, YellowPages, and any new reputation review site that might be introduced in the future. Maximizing real client reviews on social media is the most proven method of organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  

At the moment, Professional Staffing & Marketing has a client list that consists of the Highest Rated Law Firm in the Nation, the Highest Rated Mortgage Advocacy Group in the nation. as well as the Highest Rated Elderly Care home in California. These impeccables reputations owned by our current business clients are a result of years of Reputation Management attention.